Ep 3 Time Management….. or lack thereof

Meanwhile back at the Ranch…….

We briefly discuss our feelings on the aftermath of the 2016 Presidential Election, and how we can and should give back to the community

We also discuss time management and how we are constantly trying to make our lives more productive, and the tools that we’d like to try, or currently use to help us along the path of redemption.

We also wonder why do we procrastinate??  Why do we feel so overwhelmed?

Join us as we ponder; Bullet journaling, Washi Tape, Things App, and our love/hate relationship with Google Calendar, and Crystal’s new obsession with planners and stickers.

Michelle narrows down her final contestants in her “Meal Delivery Service Game”, and Crystal shares the 3 products she will be reviewing in her Subscription Box product review!

Get ready!!  The Middle Years Book Club is in full Swing!

We talk about our 1St Club selection… Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes!!!  Grab your copy, a cup of coffee and your fuzzy slippers!!   

The book club Episode will drop in December!!


 Amazon.com – Year of Yes  http://a.co/7SIu6mt





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